#1 Skill to Building Your Business as a Startup Entrepreneur

What skill is the most important to develop in building your new business? Many startup entrepreneurs may think it is a superior product, service, certification or license.

If so, why do I see so many great products and brands out there and no one is buying? How come many new businesses never get past being a “teenager” and evolve into a mature endeavor?

Inspired video blog here by training new #‎startup #‎entrepreneurs last night. Learning and developing this skill will allow you the multitude of opportunities to help you attract the people, clients, customers, partnerships and alliances you were meant to serve. (And no, it’s not everyone)

It is a business principle and skill that helps you live and build your dream through a profitable business once a startup entrepreneur makes this a natural part of their daily life.

What is it? Effective Prospecting.

Just like anyone else, I don’t like rejection. Therefore, effective prospecting allows you to qualify prospective clients, investors, partners, employees, alliances towards a result that will soon provide tangible results.

It is one thing to prospect but another thing to be effective in doing it. It involves understanding human nature, adapting your communication style to those you are meeting with and helping them through a discovery process in finding their deepest unresolved issues.

Drop your ideas, comments and questions below…happy prospecting!

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