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Matt has established himself as one of the leading motivational and informative speakers in the country.

His unique skill for taking complicated issues and breaking them down into simple easy to understand terms is one of the reasons he consistently receives the highest overall speaker rating at high-profile events.

With over 15-years of experience conducting seminars, delivering keynotes, emceeing conferences of 300 to 12,000+, hosting multi-day workshops, delivering over 1,000 presentations and leading over 50 intimate masterminds, he has developed a unique style that simply WOWs audiences.

Matt speaks on a range of business, leadership and entrepreneurial topics including Entrepreneurship, living a Faith-Made life, developing a Strategy of Significance, and the importance of learning how to fully process issues.

He’s a magnetic storyteller.

Here are the two ways you can connect with Matt:

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Want Matt to light up your next event with powerful, principled based action oriented energy that will have your people ready to take over the world for you?

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