What It Takes to Live Your Dream – 3 Steps to Follow

Are you buying the fact that you can have what you want in life? I hope so. It’s a great thing to desire, have ambition and set goals. Here’s what it takes to live your dream.

On my way to a meeting to meet with a friend, I ride shotgun alongside retired Army First Sergeant Richard Love, Afghanistan war veteran and now, full-time entrepreneur in his new, full-paid for Ford Mustang.

During this ride it inspired this thought and video blog over the Memorial Day weekend about what it takes to LIVE your dream for the rest of your life. Imagine that, waking up every morning knowing you are building and living your dream?

In a moment down memory lane, I easily remember working 18-23 hour days, no sleep, no hot meals, no showers, throughout 2 tours in the #1 most stressful job in America as a Sergeant in the U.S. Marines.

Thank God for my friends, family and even the local schools sending me care packages. I knew I wanted more out of life. I wanted to live a dream I had in my head…and boy did I have plenty of reflective time to think about it!

 wanted more out of life and not be deployed anymore away from my kids. But just because I decided to work for myself doesn’t mean I walked into a rose garden of success, financial independence and a #‎FourHourWorkWeek.

Live Your Dream – 3 Steps to Put You in the Right Mindset and Built it Now

Here are my 3 practical realities to go from “WOW” to “HOW”.

1) Short Term Sacrifice for Permanent Happiness – it’s Friday. Have you punched out yet? I know my bodybuilding and physical fitness friends looking to win a championship are getting ready to hit the gym for the second or third time tonight. Mediocre performing entrepreneurs are opening up a bottle of wine to celebrate their one new client today or this week while the world-class entrepreneurs are looking for their next handshake.

2) Negotiate With Your Family – have a talk with your family on the effort and time it will take to build your dream. Start off with short term goals and set a simple reward that you celebrate with your family for reaching that goal. Let them know that certain weeknights or weekends that you normally had free are not spent at times pursing an endeavor so that in the near future you can have more quality time with them. Arrange babysitting for these times…more so arrangement babysitting so you can take your spouse out on a date to celebrate you the milestones your’ve reached in building your dream.

3) Make the Time – congratulations, you’ve entered a journey towards mastery of your craft as a startup entrepreneur. It will take about 10,000 hours or 10 years to master what you’ve set out to do. And have patience, overnight success in business takes about 10 years. (Used to be 15 years…but technology and access to people that can help you have reduced this down around 5 years)

What would YOU add? Comment below! Go build and live your #‎dream!

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