Why I Love Being Recruited and You Should Too

Why do I love being recruited? Whether it’s my peers seeking a joint venture, a network marketing company presenting their opportunity or ministry leaders in my church asking for my help in spreading the gospel, I LOVE to know that I am on the top of people’s lists.

In fact, I was recruited in the United States Marine Corps during high school! OOOORAAAAAH!

My wife, Sheena, was recruited to the University of Pittsburgh on a full-ride athletic scholarship to play softball. She went on plenty recruiting trips before making up her mind

My sister was recruited from the Shepard of the Hills (top 50 largest church in America) as the director of ministry to the International Justice Mission based in Washington, DC to fight human trafficking.

My father was recruited from the Philippines to Indiana University for their diversity program and plus he was a kick-ass swimmer. He’s an island boy, you know! My mother was recruited into the nursing program by Mary Johnston College of Nursing to be help with the shortage of nurses in America during the Vietnam War.

Examples of being recruited into something go on and on.

Are you Recruit-worthy?

If you were to watch the movie about how Apple got started – Jobs, actor Ashton Kutcher was constantly recruiting people to his company to build the products he had to fulfill his vision. In real life just a couple years ago, Ashton Kutcher recruited Ivy Leaguers for a new tech start-up company.

Now, if you are not being solicited for new opportunities and initiatives that make a difference, I would worry.

I would ask myself:

  • Am I reaching the top of my potential in my chosen company, field or expertise?
  • Am I being sought after to help others with my skill, education, experience?
  • Am I being presented opportunities to be part of something new, big and exciting?
  • Am I willing to keep open minded about new partnerships, relationships and alliances that take me out of my comfort zone?
  • Am I willing to make a positive difference and leave my handprint on this world for my family to inherit?

Lastly, are you building a network of people you are constantly providing value to? One day, it may be you that needs a favor and you want to be the person that was always willing to give versus take. Where you making small sacrifices along the way with your personal time to make someone else’s life better?

Some people build this network person-to-person, online, through social media, referral and introductions. Consider investing time and money into this endeavor after all, your quality of your life is based on the quality of your relationships.

Back in May, our family had a chance to partake in the #NFLDraft experience. For the first time ever, the NFL hosted their draft in Chicago. As a HUGE football fan having played football all four years in high school, I HAD to run the 40 yard dash.

Even better, I had my son JoeJoe run it with me. And sadly at 4 years old, he beat me pretty bad.

But the NFL Draft is one big job interview. It is one big recruiting process to find the right players, that fit the right teams, that fit the right schemes on either side of the ball. I can greatly appreciate the commitment and dedication of the young players being drafted, or recruited, into the NFL after YEARS of blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice. Thereby making them highly recruit-worthy, as compared to their peers playing college football.

I hope you are constantly in a position where you can consistently up-your-game, get your promotion and increase our cash flow or revenues. That you’re not settling for the average and ordinary. That you are reaching for higher and higher opportunities and creating value for others to do the same.

If you are not, why? Life isn’t about settling for good enough. There’s a big world out there waiting for you to run the race of your life. I hope you make it special. I hope you realize the greatness that you have inside and put yourself in a position to live your life fully expressed and on purpose.

It’s worth it and I hope you can enjoy it too!

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