5 Ways to Creating Couple Power Partnerships

You’ve heard the old adage, “You can’t be in business with family” or “It’s impossible to be in business or work with your spouse”, right? Well my wife, whom I’ve recently married just one week before this post was written during The PHP Agency – New Breed of Agent national convention at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, NV, will beg to differ.

Both of us came into business together from a personal background of being single parents with custody of our kids, respectively.

1. Find Out Why You Are Doing This – although making money is vitally important, it cannot be the only driver for being in business together for the long term. Sheena and I took time to discover what we LOVE about what we do. For me, it was the power to take leadership in my family and not be controlled by a boss or corporate America that defines us as a line item on a spreadsheet. For Sheena, it was the ability to provide financial security for our home by helping others how to do the same. I remember asking her, “Babe, what do you LOVE about what we do?

2. Discover Your Natural Abilities – opposites DO attract. For the same reasons you are attracted to one another, over time it’s usually the same reasons why you can’t STAND each other! How about that for “relationships 101”? Sheena quickly discovered she loved educating and teaching financial concepts with clients one on one. I, on the other hand, was more of the visionary for our brand and our message. Instead of one-on-one, I am a more one-to-many on a daily basis.

3. Define Your Role – once you find out your natural abilities, it is easier to find out which active roles you will run as your operate your business together. Remember, find ways to compliment one another …don’t compete. Working with your spouse is about finding your lane and helping one another stay in it.

4. Run A Systematic, Effective System – base your success on running a process each day so as not to depend on each other’s talent or ability. Mature business begin with a vision of how it will operate at a consistent growth level, far beyond the initial formulation and foundation phase. Our daily checks and balances is something that keeps us on task, on purpose and less emotional reactivity towards one another.

5. Build Up People – one of the most gratifying ways to learn, is to teach. Before you can build a company or the personnel that while help run your enterprise, be good to one another first. Your business will serve as a magnifying glass into your personal values and beliefs.

Let’s Help You Create a Power Partnership Working With Your Spouse

Would you like to plug into a community that teaches these principles on an everyday basis? Would you like to fire your spouse’s boss and build something together for the rest of your lives?

We would love to connect with you and help you build a dream lifestyle where you place your values and personal priorities first on the calendar. This would allow you to place your family and other life priorities first, besides giving them what is leftover. We can help you create a game plan where you can replace what you are making at your full-time job(s) by starting your own business, specifically as a financial entrepreneur.

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